High technology and a piece of cake at the same time

You intend to stand for exceedingly professional consulting?

To support you in advising cyclists we offer our flexible lasting, pressure-sensing mat. Your customers will accept any distance to turn to you for advice in order to get a perfectly fitting and ergonomic saddle.

As a very useful sales tool, our mat enables you to identify the best fitting saddle for your customer, out of your range of products. By an easy and fast process of elimination you individually specify your customers needs to meet them.

How does it work? Your customer only has to cycle on rollers using his own bike, meanwhile the previously on the saddle installed mat generates an image that shows areal pressure distribution. Now you adjust the customers bike and change the saddle. Afterwards you measure again and our software application analyses and compares the images of both saddles. This way you can immediately define the saddle which is more suitable regarding pressure distribution. Repeating that procedure will finally lead to the ergonomically best fitting saddle.

More than just a retail platform! The “Saddle Consultant”, our special service, allows you to enlarge your range, adapted to the requirements of your customers and without the need of much additional storage space. On the basis of the width between sit bones and some information about the customers cycling habits, our “Saddle Consultant” advises the best fitting saddles out of more than 600 saddles currently included in our data base. Make your own choice and order the respective saddle whenever you want to. You can benefit from this service via internet or by our equipment bundle.

Sit bones can be measured conventionally, with the help of corrugated cardboards or gel cushions, or professionally by using our pressure-sensing stool, which is included in our equipment bundle.

Do not hesitate to visit us at Eurobike 2018. We are looking forward to introducing you to our equipment.

booth: FG-A9/6

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