Manual Saddle Pressure Analysis Mat

Our sadd­le pres­su­re mat enab­les you to offer your cus­to­mers an addi­tio­nal ser­vice, name­ly a pro­fes­sio­nal
Sadd­le adjus­t­ment. Wit­hin a few minu­tes, you can deci­de which of the two sadd­les will be avail­ab­le for the cus­to­mer of the
bet­ter. Poten­ti­al pro­blems can be iden­ti­fied in advan­ce, so that you do not even have unsui­ta­ble sadd­les for tes­ting
and thus do not get them back with traces of usa­ge.
This gui­de pro­vi­des you with the basic know­ledge requi­red for hand­ling the velo­metrics© sadd­le pres­su­re mat in com­bi­na­ti­on
with the asso­cia­ted soft­ware. Plea­se read the­se inst­ruc­tions care­ful­ly and deepen your know­ledge
with your own expe­ri­ments befo­re you start to advi­se your cus­to­mers.
First, some gene­ral reflec­tions on the sub­ject of bicy­cle sadd­les and on the ques­ti­on of why a sadd­le is per­cei­ved as plea­sant
or not.

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