Saddle advice

Com­pe­tent sadd­le advice is more than just mea­su­ring seat bone spa­cing!

The best pos­si­ble choice of sadd­les inclu­des, among other things, the assess­ment of the shape and hard­ness of the uphols­te­ry depen­ding on the dri­ving habits of the cus­to­mer, which an average sel­ler gene­ral­ly can­not afford – cer­tain­ly not under sea­so­nal time pres­su­re.
In order to ensu­re that the advice can still be offe­red quick­ly, com­pet­ent­ly and accu­rate­ly, Velo­me­trik offers cross-manu­fac­turer and neu­tral sadd­le con­sul­ting for the bicy­cle retailer.

  • Usable with a wide ran­ge of seat bone distance meters
  • Cus­to­mer loyal­ty through, among other things, Sen­ding the print image via eMail
  • Item list can be adap­ted to your assort­ment
  • Can be inte­gra­ted into any web­shop
  • Expan­da­ble to any com­pa­ra­ble items (e.g. hand­les, hand­le­bars, attach­ments, etc.)

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