Seat bone surveyor

The elec­tro­nic seat bone sur­veyor is the heart of the new ergo­no­mics con­sul­tancy with the velo­metrics ® pres­su­re mea­su­re­ment tech­no­lo­gy. We have deve­lo­ped a smart fab­ric that can visual­ly repre­sent prin­ting. The stool – or affec­tio­n­a­te­ly cal­led „Smart­Sit“ – ser­ves as a basic buil­ding block for all elon­ga­ti­ons, such as the sadd­le pres­su­re mat.
In addi­ti­on to sur­vey­ing, our soft­ware recom­mends sadd­les from a wide ran­ge of manu­fac­tu­rers. For this pur­po­se, we have deve­lo­ped an algo­rithm that can objec­tively eva­lua­te sadd­les across manu­fac­tu­rers. On request, the sadd­le recom­men­da­ti­on can be con­nec­ted to web­shops. We call this link bet­ween sur­vey­ing in-store and online shops as the Velome­trik Ergo­no­mics Por­tal.
The Velo­me­trik Sadd­le Con­sul­ting is…
indi­vi­dua­liz­ab­le – in seconds – exact – fuel-free – digi­tal – expan­da­ble – cross-manu­fac­tu­rer


Tech­ni­cal data
Meß­tech­nik Velo­metrics® pres­su­re mea­su­ring mat with hard­ware con­trol­ler and velo­box
Mate­ri­al Medi­um-den­si­ty fibre­board (MDF); Faux lea­ther seat
Color White
Dimen­si­ons (HxWxD) Stool: 42 x 42 x 42cm
Con­nec­tions Stool: 1x Micro USB, 2x USB fema­le type A, 1x Ether­net, WLan
Pro­duct video Velo­me­trik® Sadd­le Con­sul­ting How it works
Spe­ci­fics Foots­tool; expan­da­ble to a com­plex bike fit­ting sys­tem with sadd­le pres­su­re ana­ly­sis mat and bike sizeing
Dolu­men­te Inst­ruc­tions for use-Messtation.pdf
Inst­ruc­tions seat bone measurement.pdf
Scope of deli­very Seat bone sur­veyor incl foots­tool, mea­su­ring soft­ware, 3m USB cable, power sup­ply, manu­al

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